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Theresa Wilshusen

Theresa is an American, multidisciplinary artist from Kansas City, Missouri. She is currently living and creating in Valencia, Spain. Theresa is influenced by her own personal experiences using color, texture, and imagery from her travels around the world. Cultural influence plays a large role in her work, especially from the people she meets and their personal stories.

Theresa often experiments with various materials, manipulating them to achieve a particular desired result or to simply explore a new medium. She enjoys incorporating maps and texts into her work as an identifier that the spectator can relate with. Her work is often motivated by geographic imagery, as well as found natural objects.


1984 - Born in Houston, Texas, USA 
2003 - Graduated from Smithville High School, Missouri, USA
2005 - Exchange student at the University of Guanajuato in Guanajuato, Mexico
2006 - Exchange student at the University of ITESO in Guadalajara, Mexico
2008 - Graduated from Northwest Missouri State University, USA
                ~Bachelor of Fine Arts                
                ~Bachelor of Arts in Spanish
2009-14 - Taught in South Korea
2016 - Graduated from Universidad de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
                ~Master of Fine Arts (Contemporary Artistic Creation)
2019 - Graduated from Escola d'Arte La Industrial

                ~Technical degree in Ceramic Decoration
Now - PhD of Art and Gender at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain
         - Studying Ceramic Decoration at Escola d'Arte La Industrial, Barcelona, Spain

Artist residencies


Tuscan Art Center (on Erasmus Scholarship) - Tuscany, Italy                        December 17 (2019) - January 31



Belgrade AIR - Belgrade, Serbia                                                                         October 23 – November 30


Foundation OBRAS - Estremoz, Portugal                                                         August 5 – September 2

SÍM Artist Residency - Reykjavik, Iceland                                                           July 2 – July 31

NES Artist Residency - Skagaströnd, Iceland                                                    May 1 – May 31    



Kansas City Artists Coalition - Kansas City, MO, USA                                      August 2 – September 2



ArtAscent ‘Beauty’ (Seeking Self) - V36 April 


I al final… l’Obra   
(The Gender Veil)                                         

Assacio Ceramistas de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain                                          July 1 – August 1


Contemporary Photography 2019​  (Seeking Self)                                             

CICA Museum, Gimpo, South Korea                                                                    July 19 – August 4


 Authentic (Seeking Self)                                                                                         

Gallery Gallery, Online Exhibition,                                May                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

XXXIII Muestra Internacional y Multidisciplinar de Arte Contemporáneo  (Seeking Self) 
Fundación Claret, Sala Pere Casaldáliga, Barcelona, Spain                              April

XXXII Muestra Internacional y Multidisciplinar de Arte Contemporáneo (Seeking Self)                                                     

Castillo de Montequiu, La Cabaña, Barcelona, Spain                                         March


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